Visa requirements to enter Peru

If you come from one of the following countries/continents you do not require a visa to enter Peru, only a valid passport:
Important Notice: An automatic tourist visa to Peru from one of the following countries/continents is for 90 days - but it has been known to happen that a corrupt pasport control officer will attempt to give a tourist visa for less than 90 days (in the hope of receiving a bribe to change the visa to 90 days); always look at the visa stamp to see how many days it represents, and if less than 90 days, insist that it be replaced by a 90 day stamp. If this fails we can get it extended when you arrive at your destination city in Peru.
Volunteers intending to come for more than 90 days need not bother attempting to get a longer visa from a Peruvian Consul in their countries of origin - we can help you get your visa extended once you have been here for 90 days.

All the citizens of countries of America. Except Cuba.

All the citizens of countries of the European Union

South Korea
Hong Kong
Taiwan (Taipei)

South Africa


The citizens of other countries will request Tourist's Visa in the Consulate of Peru in their respective countries.

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