Travel Taxes

International Flights
Every time that you use a Peruvian airport when leaving the country you have to pay US$25.00 per person.

This tax will be paid at the bank offices located in the airport, receiving a self-adhesive small sticker that usually adheres to the air ticket. At the moment of passing by the migration control, this payment voucher will be shown to the authority.

Some airlines offer the opportunity to pay this tax in the moment that you present to the airline counter, when getting ready to the shipment procedure.

National Flights
As for international flights, all the national flights are subject to the payment of a tax of S/.15 Nuevos Soles.

This tax is paid in each exit from an airport, in domestic flights, and the payment is per person.

Terrestrial Trips
The terrestrial trips are subject to the toll payment in the freeways and highways.