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Telephone in Peru

All the telephone services in Peru fulfill the international standards. At the moment there are three telephone enterprises, "Telefónica del Perú", "Tele 2000 Bell South and AT&T".

If your trip is for business, or it requires permanent phone communication, you can rent a mobile telephone. With cellular in PEru you only pay for calls made, not for those received. When renting a mobile telephone, you must request the activation of national and/or international long distance calling options according to your requirements.

Cellular swervice in Peru has "national automatic roaming" to maintain the same phone number from any city in the country.

0800 Numbers:
Many companies and public institutions provide 0800 numbers so that callers will not have to pay for calling them..

International calls to Peru:

1. - Wait for tone 
2. - Press (+51) Peru code
3. - Press code of the city
4. - Press the telephone number

National Direct Dialing (NDD)

1. - Wait for tone
2. - Press 0 (zero) national code
3. - Press code of the city
4. - Press the telephone number you need

Schedule of Rates via operator and National Direct Dialing (NDD) in Peru.  
Normal schedule   Mon-Fri 08: 00 - 18:59
Reduced schedule  Mon-Fri 19:00 - 22:59
Reduced schedule  Sat-Sun 08:00 - 22:59
Schedule Super Reduced Mon-Sun 23:00 - 07:59

Operators at "Telefónica del Perú".  
International Long Distance 108
National Long Distance  109
Service of Information  103

Public telephony in Peru.
In the streets or in some commercial establishments, public telephones are located, from which you can carry out local, national or international calls. They are available the 24 hours of the day, during the whole year.

These telephones will be activated by currency or with phone cards; the cards can be acquired in commercial establishments, as stores and self-services, are sold of different value.

If you are outside Perú you may consult at:, or in