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4 July 2003

Receiving avocados, Camposol
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5 July 2003

Delivering avocados to our mothers and childrens clubs in Florencia de Mora & getting them to register child laborers for the details Click here
On 4 July 2003 we received a gift of nearly 4.5 tons of avocados from
......Camposol S.A.

An agro industrial company in Viru (40 kilometers south of Trujillo).
The motive for the gift was to help nourish the poorest children and mothers in the Trujillo area. We salute the people of Camposol for their generocity and social conscience. The avocados they gave for the chidren and mothers are of the best quality in the world, equal to those Camposol exports to France. The value of this quantity of avocados in the local markets of Trujillo is approximately 13,000 New Soles (US$3,700).
This is a report on how we used this gift to help some of the very poorest people in Trujillo.

Background: Bruce Peru has a contract to manage 15 mothers and childrens clubs in metropolitan Trujillo and we sponsor, help or cooperate with approximately 40 more clubs, schools, orphanages and shelters.
8 July 2003

Delivering avocados to schools, mothers & childrens clubs in Florencia, Esperanza and Huanchaquito
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9 July 2003
Delivering to clubs in Buenos Aires and registering children. for the details Click here
6 July 2003

Giving small bagfulls to the poor people who congregate in the central squair Sundays.
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. is our largest current project, it involves getting child laborers into educational programs. The first phase of this project requires the registration of every child laborer who is not attending school, and the compillation of all educational resources in the area available to help these children. We had already collected all the information available from the Ministry of Education and local Governments, but this was incomplete and inadequate. To gather accurate and complete data on child laborers and informal educational resources in Trujillo we needed the help of the mothers and childrens clubs located throughout the cities barrios.
10 July 2003

Delivering to all the clubs in Las Delicias and registering child laborers.
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7 July 2003

We gave avocados to most of the orphanages in Trujillo
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Here's what we did with Camposol's avocados:
Over a six day period our volunteers went out with taxi loads of avocados to all the childrens institutions, shelters and especially to mothers and childrens clubs. We gave each one the quantity of avocados which corresponded to the number iof children they are feeding, and used the occasion to inlist each mothers and childrens club in our child laborer/education project, Arriba Ya!
We gave each institution, along with the avocados, a quantity of two types of forms: one to gather the details of child laborers, and the other to collect information on all the educational resources in their area (especially informal programs such as literacy classes given by some of the mothers clubs). We offered a prize of 10 pairs of new children's shoes to the first club or institution that deliveres to Bruce Peru the details of 100 child laborers not presently in educational programs.

After 10 July 2003

Day by day we gave the rest of the avocados to street children and poor people until they were all gone.