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July 27 - Aug 1, 2003
The Presidents of about third of the mothers Clubs in the citie's largest barrio, La Esperanza, and other barrios came to collect avocados for their soup kitchens.

La Esperanza


Florencia de Mora
This is a record of our distribution of five and a half tonnes of avocados to the poor.
Thanks to.Camposol S.A.

On the 26th July 2003 Camposol delivered a generous donation of five thousand five hundred kgs. of avocados - these arrived at our centre in Trujillo with the help of a police escort. We already had a plan as to how we were going to distribute the produce, this we put into action as soon as we had the hundreds of crates stacked in our entrance. Bruce Peruīs mission is to help street children and abandoned mothers and we are currently unrolling a project which aims to convert working children into students thus giving them a chance of a better future. There is demonstarable evidence to indicate that in order for a country to develop the Government must invest at least 6 percent of GDP in education. The present Government has promised an insufficient three percent and is in fact only delivering two. Without a drastic improvement in the level of education Peru will be unable to develop and itīs people will remain without hope of a better future. It is for this reason that Bruce Peru is currently working in the poorest Barrios of Trujillo on our "education revolution" to give the children and the country a chance of an impoved and prosperous future.
. One of the best ways to reach these needy children is through the Medium of Motherīs Clubs and it was principly though our contacts with them in the barrios that we distributed Camposolīs generous donation.
More than 50 clubs that had access to Transport came to our
4 August 2003
Serving Camposol avocados at our soup kitchens

5 August 2003
Distributing avocados to the mothers of Delicias

centre to collect 30 kg each which we controlled to ensure a fair distribution. Other clubs joined together to obtain transport such as those of Porvenir who came with a hired truck to take away and distribute 800 kilos of paltas, and Esperanza who borrowed the Mayorīs pickup truck to deliver the same size donation to the clubs with the help of volunteers from Bruce Peru. Unfortunately we do not have our own transport so for those areas that had no means of collecting Paltas we hired convoys of large taxis to deliver them to a central point in each barrio where motherīs clubs could come to collect them. This was the case in both Florencia de Mora and Las Delicias, where with the help of the coordinator of the motherīs clubs and the Mayoress respectively, we delivered 600 and 800 kgs.
We also distibuted Paltas to other organizations which are doing

2 August 2003

The Mayor of La Esperanza lent us his truck to.

vital work with the young and needy of Trujillo. To this end we donated 80 kg to EMAUS, Hogar San Jose, and Hogar de Esperanza; 120 kg to Casa Divina Providencia and Centro Juvanil; and 240kg to Aldea Infantile Santa Rosa. The remainder of the donation was used in our comidor where we provide food to needy children free of charge, and where we saw first hand their enjoyment in eating such fine quality paltas. Bruce Peru would like to express itīs gratitude to Camposol for itīs kind donation on behalf of the poor and needy of Trujillo and will be at itīs disposition to control the distribution of any future donation which this generous company may like to make.

Mothers Clubs collecting from our Centre:... 1500 kgs
Our deliveries to barrios:....
Porvenir: 800 kgs
Esperanza: 800 kgs
Florencia de Mora: 600 kgs
Las Delicias: 800 kgs
To institutions:....
Aldea Infantile: 240 kgs
Hogar de Cristo: 80 kgs
Hogar San Jose: 80 kgs
Hogar Esperanza: 80 kgs
Casa Divina Providencia: 120 kgs
Centro Juvanile: 120 kgs
Comidor at Bruce Peru: 280 kgs
Total 5500

6 - 8 August 2003
We gave small quantities to little institutions such as Nuevos Pasos, the orphanage

Then Camposol collected
their empty crates.