10 July 2003
(This day we distributed 960Kgs.)
Thursday morning we took three camionetas full of avocados to the Marie of Las Delicias, where we were joined by Flor Bete, the mayor (who acted as our coordinator, and with whom we are working on th eproject

"Albergue Las Delicias"), and we were also joined by several employees of the Marie. Together we visited 9 mothers clubs which Alcalde Flor Bete had pre-arranged. As on other occasions we gave each a quantity of avocados and instructed the President of each club in the use of our registration forms.

Here are the clubs we visited and the quantity of avocados given to each.
Club de Madres MAria Auxiliadora Taquilla 120 Kg.
Club de Madres Santa Rosa de Lima 120 Kgs.
Club de Madres Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes 80 Kgs.
Club de Madres Inmaculada Concepcion 120 Kgs.
Club de Madres Niño Jesus de Praga 120 Kgs.
Club de Madres Amor en Accion 120 Kgs.

Vaso de Leche San Pedro PIETBAF 120 Kgs.
Club de Madres Amor y Paz 40 Kgs.
And we left 120 Kgs. at the Marie for distributiion to Mothers Clubs we did not have time to viosit.