09 July 2003
(This day we distributed 1,080Kgs.)
From morning to night two teams of our volunteers went through Florencia de Mora, and La Esperanza and Huanchiquito visiting cliubs and schools we sponsor or help, giving each a quantity of avocados and instruction on how to find, contact and register child laborers for our "Educational Revolution" pilot project. Here arel the clubs and institutions we visited this day, along with the quantity of avocados we gave each..
Club de Madres Sta. Rosa (Our coordinator for Buenos Aires) 320 Kg.
Club de Madres Ramiro Priale 40 Kg.
Club de Madres Michaela Bastides 40 Kg.
Club de Madres Arca de Noe 40 Kg.
C. de MadresUnidas por el Progreso 80Kg
Club de Madres San Juan Bosco 80 Kg Club de Madres Gabriela Mistral 40 Kg.

Club de Madres Salud para Todos 40 Kg.
Club de Madres Virgin de Altagracia 40 Kg.
Club de Madres N. Señora de Fatima 80Kg. Club de Madres Alejandro Sanchez 40 Kg.
Club de Madres Irene Silvia Santolaya 40Kg.
Vaso de Leche Las 3 Marias 40 Kg.
Club de Madres3 Floresta 80 Kgs.
Middle School, Floresta 80 Kgs