05 July 2003
(This day we distributed 440 Kgs.)
Each Mothers and Childrens Club received a quantity of avocados and a number of blank forms, which we instructred them how to complete with the details of child laborers in each area. The winner will also receive 10 pairs of new childrens shoes.
Beginning at 6:AM, Percida, our coordinator for Florencia de Mora went with us to clubs she had already notified the previous day.
The following is a list of these clubs (not necessarily in the order of their pictures).

Club de Madres Ramiro Priale 40 Kgs

Club de Madres Corazon de Maria 40 Kgs.

Comedor Infantil Luis Felipe de las Casas 40 Kgs.

Comedor Popular Rosa Merino 40 Kgs.

Club de Madres Medalla Milagrosa 40 Kgs.

Club de Madres Nuevo Amanacer 40 Kgs.

Restaurant Corazon Santa Teresita Gonzales 40 Kgs.

Club de Madres Maria Reyna de Paz 40 Kgs.

Comedor Materno Infantil Benefico Agape 40 Kgs.


Comedor Santa Rosa de Lima 40 Kgs.

And we left 40 Kgs. with Persida for further distribution.