We rented a truck
04 July 2004
When CAMPOSOL S.A.offered us their generous gift of several tons of avocados early Friday morning we immediately rented a truck and headed for their vast plantation to collect them.

drove 45 kilometers &

loaded it
At their vast transfer and packing plant we were helped by Camposol employees to transfer the avocados from crates to the plastic sacs we had boughfot the purpose. After an hour of back breaking work the truck was full, and we drove it onto Camposol's scales to see how many killos


avocados, then drove the 45
of avocados Camposol had given us to distrivute to the poorest of the por in Trujillo. The truck held just under 4.5 tons - a very generous gift indeed.
The drive back to Trujillo took much longer than the drive out due to heavy load; we arrived just as the sun went down.

kilometers back to Trujillo

where we unloaded and
We pulled the truck into our compound and stacked the 40 killogram sacks in our little shop, which normally holds free childrens clothes. The avocados were hard when we received them which meant we had approximately one week to get them distributed, before they ripened and began to go bad.

stored them in our tienda