Arriba Ya - Bruce Peru - helping the poorest of the poor in Peru
Arriba Ya - Bruce Peru - helping the poorest of the poor in Peru

Volunteers of Bruce Peru helping children through providing opportunities to their parents

A self sustaining project to help poor subsistence farmers:


Our plantation
After six months of growth

Cooperative for poor farmers
In 2001 we discovered a plateau in the north west of Peru, where at 800 meters altitude conditions are perfect for growing Aloe Vera. Along with the owner we initiated a project where local subsistence farmers (with families) could participate in something economically viable. The project was later taken out of our hands by the much larger and typically Peruvian NGO, Minka.

The price of processed
Aloe Vera gel 10X:
(F.O.B. USA or Europe)

= $4.00 Lb.

We already have 20 tons
ready to deliver to the rapidly growing world market

(and this will be followed by another 20 tons every three months)

After one year of growth

Harvesting Aloe Vera

After one and a half years of growth
and ready to begin harvesting

Alfa-Laval processing plant available for this project. CLICK
The benefits of Aloe Vera to the skin, to the hair and as internal medicine have been known since antiquity.


(In Spanish)
Information about Aloe Vera:
growing - processing - marketing


Dermatological Properties of Aloe Vera:
Skin Moisturizer, Skin Softener, alleviates symptoms of dry skin and sensitivity, Protects the skin against the effects of sun light, Speeds the healing process following skin abrasions and irritations caused by detergents, whiteners and household chemicals, Removes freckles followinf prolonged use and heals sunburns.