Nicole D‘Amecourt

Latin America has more children living in the street, percapita, than any place else in the world. We have the privilege of befriending
a growing number of these dear abandoned young people. And as we get to know them we work to reintegrate them back into their natural families; for this certainly is the ideal solution to their desparate existance. In many cases, however, it is either impossible or else highly unfair to the children to force them to return to their natural parents. This is why we are starting to provide shelter and food and clothing and education to as many of them as we can. Our first such residence in right on the campus of Majon University. We have named it "Albergue Nicole D´Amecourt" in honor of someone who has worked with us for over 25 years and whose tireless generosity has helped needy children in many parts of the world.
We hope to be able to open many more such facilities in the coming years.











2001 - 2003

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